How Westar Improves Your Website With CloudFlare

Having a website that represents your business, its values, plus the services & products is an absolute necessity today. But having a website alone is not enough, your website needs to be able to load quickly, it needs to be available, it must play well with Google and Bing, and it needs to keep unwanted … Continued

How to set up a scheduled reboot on Windows Server 2012

From time to time, our clients need a server to be restarted on a scheduled basis. To setup up a server reboot on 2012 windows server follow these steps: Open Task Scheduler. Click on Task Scheduler Library. Right click then select “create basic task”. Enter the task name and description and click on “next”. Select … Continued

Delete Calendar Items Retired Employee Set

When an employee’s mailbox is disabled or deleted, calendar items she organized will most likely remain in her mailbox, conference rooms, and others’ calendars. It’s rare that leaving employees clean up their calendar items, reoccurring appointments, and so on. As one of our clients found out, cleaning up appointments after the leaving user’s mailbox had … Continued

How to language redirect site when using Smartling

Redirects loop errors after modifying htaccess file to work with Smartling While trying to setup browser language detect and redirect via .htaccess to work with Smartling, when users would browse to the website, users would get redirect loop errors. Following is a summary of the environment, the English and translated content file and folder organization, … Continued